Approximately 3/4 acre; depths to 5'; 15 fishing platforms.  Stocked with F1 Carp to 3 1/2 lb, Barbel to 2lb, Chub to 2lb, Ide to 3 1/2lb, Bream to 3 1/2lb, Tench to 3lb, Perch to 3lb, Crucian carp to 1 1/2 lbs plenty of  Rudd and Roach, occasional Eels and Gudgeon.  Average winning summer silver fish weight 40lb+, best recorded winning summer match weight 107lb 14oz  (2015);  average winning winter weight 15lb+, best recorded match winter weight 66lb 8oz (2016). 

As there are no large carp in this lake match and pleasure anglers can fish safely fish light and enjoy the exceptional fishing on offer.


Approximately 1 3/4 acre; depths to 6'; three islands; lots of nooks and crannies; 24 fishing platforms, one dedicated disabled platform tied to designated parking space approximately 3m away.  Stocked with Mirror and Common Carp to 26lb, Barbel to 8lb, Bream to 4lb, Perch to 3 1/2lb, Tench to 4lb, Ide to 4lb, Crucian Carp to 1lb, Chub to 2lb, plenty of Rudd and Roach, occasional Gudgeon and Eels.  Average winning summer silver fish match weight 45lb, best recorded summer winning weight 101lb 14ozs (April 2017);  average winter match weight 15lb best recorded winter match weight 24lb (2014).  Summer carp matches 180lb+ winter carp matches 100lb+.

This lake has the advantage of many species so you never know what you will catch next.  Pleasure weights are generally very good all year round.


Approximately 2 acres; depths to 9'; 17 double fishing platforms.  Stocked predominately with Mirror and Common Carp to 14lb; Barbel to 2 1/2lb; Perch to 3 1/2lb, Bream to 3lb, Ide to 1 1/2lb, lots of quality Roach and a few Rudd.  Average winning summer weights 220lb+, best recorded match summer weight 259lbs (2014); best ever recorded match summer weight 532lb (2012); average match winter weights 80lb,  best recorded winter match winning weight 108 lbs (2015).

For catching carp this lake is probably one of the best in the country.  You should not fail to have a brilliant day in the summer, winter a little effort will result in good catches as well.


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